About Us

For over 25 years we have worked with top college professors who develop structured lesson plans for their “campus based” students.

Part of a professor’s lesson plan includes a final examination so the professor can measure the students’ level of knowledge acquired through a semester.

These same professors write our Practice Final Examinations, which help “independent students” prepare for and pass Nationally Recognized Standardized Examinations like CLEP, DSST, TECEP, and ECE.

Because both campus based students and independent students are tested on like “Standardized” content, when both students are able to pass the exam, both students earn the same credit value for passing. The campus based student used the traditional method to earn his/her credit, while the independent student Tested Out to earn his/her credit.

With the rising cost of Standardized Examinations, average cost being over $200.00, TestOutOnline is providing an opportunity for Independent Students to challenge a “like” exam for only $14.00. Our Practice Final Exams help Independent Students do a more accurate assessment of their level of knowledge in a specific subject, BEFORE they spend $200.00 or more to find out they DIDN’T know enough to pass an “Official Standardized Exam”.


Over 50 Practice Final Exams are available in General Education courses at only $14.00 each

The 8 Excelsior College Practice Final Exams in Nursing are available at only $39.00 each (You can save $50.00 per exam over the ECE Direct Practice Exam fee or $400.00 on all  8 ECE Nursing Practice Final Exams)